Get ready for HR On Your Wrist!

With HR On Your Wrist for Apple Watch you have all the key information about your absences and those of your team members available on your wrist at any time.

Product Overview

As an employee you can check your leave balance and the status of your submitted leave requests in a blink of an eye. Connecting with your colleagues becomes a breeze since you know by a glance at your watch who’s there and who’s not at any time.

On top of this, managers can also take immediate action on the pending leave requests of their team members by approving or rejecting them directly on their watch.

The innovative visualisation provided by HR on your wrist for Apple Watch ensures maximum clarity and maximum efficiency your employees packaged in a minimalistic design.

The Apple Watch app was built using the watchOS SDK from Apple. The Watch app connects to the HR component of the SAP Business Suite via Odata services which are exposed via the SAP Gateway.

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