It is our pleasure to share the SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4 features helping the experience of your workforce in terms of effective performance and dedication of your employees to the organization. This new “final 2018” update will be release into production on Nov 30, 2018.
The updates are numerous, and they help to improve work habits in employees. We’ve hand-picked some important features!

Employees gain reimagined talent experiences

This new development allows employees get an intelligent experience, thereby focusing on the development of their careers. As the SAP SuccessFactors Q4 update has gone mobile, employees are now able to fill in and edit their time worked and other information on their mobile devices.
The app SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app is available for employees to connect what they learn to their daily performance in their organizations. After completing the course, employees can have a record of achievements.
It is a mobile-friendly feature, as employees are able to quickly submit reports wherever they are. They are also able to check their achievements. With this, they are able to gain knowledge and development on-the-go.

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4 - Talent

Core HR Administrative Duties are Easier

In this new SAP SuccessFactors Q4 release, HR managers can now create concurrent employment directly when employees are hired. HR Administrators can filter out unimportant alerts in order for them to concentrate on the most important topics. This advancement of alerts helps for the HR administrative duties to become easier and more effective. It also improves the HR operations of the organization.

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4 - HR Core

Visa and Permit Management is Available

The SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4 version also gives you accurate information about the visa and permits management. All the information would be available for everyone in your organization. Also, this feature allows you to manage costs of employees such as taxation, payment methods, and profit and loss details. Based on these, the documents used can be saved for record and reference purposes.

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4

Recruiting and Emails made Easier

Gradually, SAP is developing the recruiter template whereby there will be a shuffling for job seekers based on their talent and expertise for easy search. Therefore, new candidates are referred to their separate talent pools.
There is now a personalized communication with candidates through e-mails. Also, recruiters can easily schedule e-mail campaigns sent to candidates.

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4 - Recruiting

We’re Jammin’! There are new SAP JAM features

What’s more? When there are new postings created from the feed, there are new suggestions of important postings, discussions and questions. This discourages repetition of the posting and helps to manage the authentic content. In addition, the posts on the forum can now be set to “read only” for record purposes and in order to discourage comments from coming in.
Subscriptions to a particular forum is now available to you, and that allows you get updates on the forum relevant to you.
The administrators of groups have the benefits of gaining more information by getting tips for new developments on the platform.

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q4

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