KBC is far more than a bank and an insurance. It is a group of 42 000 talented employees in different European countries who work together and share a common culture. Geographically, KBC concentrates on a strict selection of core markets in Belgium and Central and Eastern Europe, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria. KBC’s strategy – powered by their culture and with the contribution of their people – helps them earn, keep and grow trust day by day and therefore makes them become the reference in their core markets.

When it comes to HR, KBC is working on many initiatives that have been divided into 4 blocks (Run – Optimize – Change – Inspire). This helps the existing organization to continue running and new HR concepts are added gradually. This way, KBC ensures for efficient HR processes while embracing the future of HR. A lot of attention is paid to further digitization of processes.

Educate and develop

KBC strives to become the benchmark in bank insurances. In order to realize this, it is crucial to always renew itself and to respond proactively to social trends. As a company, KBC wants to think outside of the box, so that it can prepare solutions today for the problems of tomorrow. All employees play a crucial role in that innovation. KBC asks them to work together in coming up with solutions that are not only socially relevant but also turn KBC into a better bank-insurer. In order to achieve this, employees are given a wide range of interesting and challenging positions, as well as plenty of opportunities to change jobs internally or to grow in their current position.

Together with KBC, bridgX is working on the digitization of HR.

bridgX is an expert in his domain who attained profound knowledge of KBC’s specific context and set-up.”
Walter Van Baelen, Head HRIS KBC

bridgX was closely involved in a range of small to large SAP HCM projects, ranging from analysis to development of, among others:

  • SAP Webdynpro web screens for the registration of band changes by the supervisor in the context of the new reward policy
  • A solution for the follow-up of the long-term sick people based on the pension fund insurances
  • Various payroll-related batch programs, such as temporary exclusion of certain populations during payroll processing
  • SAP Time and Webdynpro implementation of new working hours with a focus on flexibility and simplicity

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