NMBS (SNCB) is the only provider of domestic passenger transport by train in Belgium. Given the traffic jams that break record numbers every year, the train more regularly serves as an alternative to a car for commuters. In 2017, NMBS transported 230 million travelers. This is the largest increase in the number of domestic travelers in 10 years. The future of NMBS is first and foremost determined and supported by customer satisfaction.

To address these challenges, NMBS has developed a vision in which a modern HR policy and an entrepreneurial culture based on professionalism, respect, entrepreneurship and cooperation play an important role.

Together with NMBS bridgX is working on the digitization of HR.

bridgX has good technical knowledge, combined with a solid project approach and business knowledge. Together with bridgX, we were able to complete projects within time, scope, budget and quality.”
Bert Boonen, HR Domain LeadYPTO/NMBS

Quite a few fascinating digital HR projects have been realized in the last few years. For each project, the HR processes were redrawn so that the employee was centralized. Below is a selection of the projects for which bridgX has provided support.


  • 1 central system (SAP HCM) for personnel administration, organization and time management
  • Integration for remuneration management
  • Phasing out more than 30 HR legacy systems
  • SAP Shiftplanning

Talent Management

  • 1 central system (SAP HCM) for training management, job management, competence management, evaluation management and certificate management
  • Integration with operational IT systems, including planning train guides and workers in the workplaces based on competences and availability


  • A multi-channel portal based on SAP FIORI/UI5 for consulting, among other things, personal and organizational data, leave quota, service table, team calendar, training data
  • Kiosks for the workers in the workplaces
  • Digitizing paper forms

Project & Program Management

  • The preparation of a multi-year plan consisting of various business cases and roadmaps

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