The HR Bridge Expands!

//The HR Bridge Expands!

The HR Bridge Expands!

Exciting news today! The HR Bridge Expands. We are happy to welcome 3 new partners: Bert Caryn, Dominique Moons and Kurt De Koeyer. They join the management team and will assist Raf Rottiers with the expansion and renewal of The HR Bridge.

Bert Caryn
Bert is like the Duracell rabbit; he keeps going until the solution is built; this early adopter started his career in 2001, after his Master studies in ICT. He became responsible for multiple projects, often in the area of SAP HR Self-service. Eager to learn more, he added a post graduate degree in HRM to his portfolio. Bert is especially interested in everything related to SAP HCM Talent Management, web technology and user centric design.
Dominique Moons
Dominique combines his coffee-addiction with his personal drive to create a non-stop project delivery machine. He has over 10 years of experience in international IT and business projects. After his studies in computer science, he pursued a specialization in business information systems and completed an executive program in IT management at Solvay Business School.
Kurt De Koeyer
Kurt is a no-nonsense HR professional/Project Manager/serve and volley tennis player. With over 14 years of experience in program and project management, he boasts a thorough functional and technical SAP HR knowledge, combined with a healthy dose of leadership skills. Kurt graduated as an industrial engineer with a post graduate degree in IT.

Raf Rottiers:

“We are happy to announce that Bert, Dominique and Kurt joined The HR Bridge as partner,” says Raf Rottiers, founding partner. “They add significant value to our company, each with their own specialty, personal strengths and years of experience. By becoming a partner, they confirm our strategic vision and ambition. With a team like this, the future is bright.”
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