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bridgX improves the SAP User Experience and increases the User Adoption.

We believe that good design can make your employees happier and more productive than ever.

Add Value with User-Friendly Technology


Software must do more than document, store, and report your key data. Software must be able to follow your train of thought and support your team with their measurable goals. Our design, layout, and applications think like you think, creating a smooth and productive workflow. bridgX helps your organisation to get the perfect balance of People, Business, and Technology.

We will even help you to avoid the 3 most common User Experience mistakes.

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Avoid the 3 most common User Experience mistakes
bridgX - Clocking in and out on your smartwatch

bridgX – Your Partner for Your SAP HR or SAP SuccessFactors Journey

The bridgX team has over 15 years of experience working in Business and Technology. Our goal is to work as a partner, providing you with essential SAP HR and SAP SuccessFactors services.

Integrated design and technology is one of the fastest growing industry trends, and when done right, will maximise results and keep your team happy.

Features, such as clocking in and out or requesting time off are now available right there on your wrist.

Discover our SAP HR services
Discover our SAP SuccessFactors services

We are Digital HR Experts

We are HR experts, with a tech background. This means, we develop and deliver innovative HR solutions, with an increased focus on the SAP User Experience. Our R&D team stays on the cutting edge of HR technology, ensuring access to the most efficient and effective solutions.


SAP FIORI is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles for a reimagined user experience.

Yes, we can!

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SAP Screen Personas

With more intuitive SAP screens, organisations can improve the user-experience, reduce training time, increase efficiency, and minimise screen modifications.

Yes, we can!

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With the new features and capabilities WatchOS brings to WatchKit, we can integrate more closely with Apple Watch. Isn't that COOL?


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Our customers

Every organisation requires personalised HR solutions. Improving HR efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. Our customers range from financial institutions to government organisations, chemical enterprises, and more. Each of our customers has unique needs for which they require simple solutions. We are here to develop and deliver those solutions!